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Our Roastmaster handcrafts every unique Cameron’s blend from the beans that we source from around the world.

He first develops the target aroma and taste profile of the coffee masterpiece that he is about to create. Then, he roasts the specific beans that deliver a distinctive Flavor, Body and Finish. Once roasted, Patrick will adjust the percentages of each bean origin to give the coffee a character unique to only that Cameron’s blend.

coffee beans

Our premium coffees always start with premium beans.

All of our coffees are 100% Arabica beans and 100% Certified Specialty Grade beans—that’s the top 10% of beans in the world. No Robusta; no fillers; no low-grade beans. We like to think of coffee like steak. A great steak has to start with a great cut of meat. Then it must be perfectly grilled to maintain its quality. You can’t make a great steak out of low-quality meat; but you can easily ruin a high-quality cut while grilling. Same for coffee—you can’t make a great cup out of low-grade beans; but you can easily ruin high-quality Arabica beans by char-roasting them.