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I just wanted to say I looooooooove your coffee! Specifically the Intense French pods. I used to be a faithful Starbucks fan...until I tried this! Love the non-plastic pod too. Just...thank you. Best coffee ever!
Sarah • 5/14/2016
I just wanted to tell you...this is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I love this new eco friendly design, and the coffee is delicious. I drink Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Green Mountain coffees, so I have a lot to compare it to! Thank you for your coffee!
Robin • 5/11/2016
Dear Cameron’s Gang—Just a note to let you know I’ve been a loyal and satisfied customer for some time now. I’ve tried most major and “gourmet” brands, but always come back to Cameron’s. Always a perfect brew. I grind my own beans, and drink it black—so it has to be good. Your beans are always fresh, never bitter, and never over roasted. Thank you for your superior quality!
Lisa • 5/6/2016
This is some of the best coffee I have ever had! Love all of the flavors but, Jamaican Blue Mountain is my favorite! They had a sale a couple months ago and I ended up buying every box they had on the shelf!
Debbie • 4/29/2016
Today, I purchased a box of Cameron’s Coffee single serves and I absolutely wanted to reach out and rave. WOW....great coffee, small foot print, and corporate repsonsibility equals a new loyal customer. Your coffee has converted me from a Tim Hortons sipper to a Cameron’s Coffee lover...as a Canadian that’s a big feat...well done!
Rosie • 4/16/2016
I’ve tried a number of your flavors and haven’t had one yet that I didn’t like. However, I absolutely LOVE your Caramel Cream and my last order, Horchata. Wow are they good!
Carol • 3/23/2016
I just wanted to write to you all and let you know how much I absolutely LOVE your French Roast coffee. I lived in France from 2012–2013 and fell in love with the coffee (amongst other things) there. No food or drink I've had since has quite taken me back to that time in the way I've longed for—until I tried your French Roast coffee!
Collin • 3/8/2016
I just fell totally in love with Velvet Moon! Grabbed six boxes of pods at Cub while they were still on sale. YUMMM! Velvety, for sure, rich and dark. My new favorite. And the Intense French is right up there, too. Looking forward to the warehouse sale! Thanks for the yums, Cameron's! 
Ellen • 2/6/2016
I first purchased Cameron's Coffee for my Keurig Brewer three months ago and have been in love with your brand ever since. I truly appreciate the efforts you have made with the "K-cup" sustainability. The horrible, plastic taste is gone, and I feel more at peace knowing I am helping the environment one K-cup at a time after switching to your brand. Thank you for your dedication to coffee and helping me enjoy a rich, flavorful cup of joe every morning.
Stormie • 1/18/2016
I recently discovered your filtered single serve coffees and I have to tell you I AM HOOKED! It's amazing how much filtered coffee tastes so much better and "cleaner" than the plastic cups. I absolutely love your Vanilla Hazelnut and Toasted Pecan flavors. Thank you so much for your innovation and combining filtered coffee with the convenience of single serve brewers! Customer for life!
Jennifer • 1/15/2016
Morning....I live in Seattle and have for years; where there is a barista on every corner (and I mean there is a drive-by coffee stand on every corner and a coffee house on every block). It has made me a coffee snob, lol. I bought a box of your coffee at a discount store a few days ago... I like to venture out... What I got was a wonderful surprise. The aroma, the beautiful color & the taste is simply wonderful. I just wanted to say thanks, keep up the fabulous work. I will buy again.
Amy • 1/12/2016
I found Cameron's at a local store and was shocked by the price, especially in K-cups! Not only did they use real filters, which I loved, the coffee is amazing! My husband and I picked up Highlander Grog last night, it is so good. Cameron's is easily one of my favorite coffee brands out there!
Erin • 12/2/2015
image THIS IS MY NEW OBSESSION! Seriously. This coffee is heaven in liquid form. Check out these flavors AND it’s a filter pod - not plastic!
Erin • 11/23/2015
Just dropping a quick line since I recently found your company after a co-worker brought in some coffee pods to work. I was amazed to see that your cups are actually pods! Between your company offering pods and having great tasting coffee, I am a customer now! I just went out and bought a few boxes and I feel much better brewing the individual cups knowing that they are not completely plastic. So, thanks again for having the environment in your thoughts!
Loni • 11/17/2015
image Intense French Camerons #coffee. One of our #favorite plus this type reduces waste and the filter allows more flavor. Just about the closest to fresh brewed European #cafe coffee we've found!
Simple Necessity Digest • 11/16/2015
Love the filter pods vs plastic. You can't go wrong with the Jamaica Blue Mountain. Waiting patiently for the next warehouse sale <3
Rosemary • 11/4/2015
Recently bought your Donut Shop Blend k-cups. I just wanted to send a note along to say they're perfect. I'm truly enjoying them and will now become my daily staple of coffee. Awesome roasting, guys! Thanks!
Aaron • 10/27/2015
We have a morning coffee group at our high school for staff members. Everyone contributes supplies. So far some of our favorite coffee is from Cameron's. Vanilla Hazelnut and today's new tasty treat, Highlander Grog, are amazing choices. Thank you for making our mornings special, and sometimes our afternoons too. The aroma alone makes our day go much more smoothly. Students say they can smell it in the hall!!!
Lori • 10/20/2015
So happy to find you in HEB!!! Great flavor, great price & great packaging :)
Janeen • 10/9/2015
You need to make a Highlander Grog candle or air freshener so that addictive smell can go anywhere with me.
Cynde • 10/7/2015
image Goodbye plastic, plastic, and more plastic. Loving this handcrafted coffee from #cameronscoffee right here in Minnesota.
Julia • 10/6/2015
It is great coffee! Great price! We've been using this ever since we moved to Oregon. I love the online ordering so I can get the flavors I want.
Nancy • 9/28/2015
Eternally grateful to @CameronsCoffee for ridding me of my Keurig K-Cup guilt with their organic coffee in biodegradable, single-serve pods.
Lindsay • 8/24/2015
image The morning lineup courtesy of @CameronsCoffee. Not sure I can go back to anything else!! #keepupthegreatflavors
Emily • 8/2/2015
This is what coffee should taste like! Cameron's k cups are superior to any other k cup I've ever tasted. I will only buy Cameron's now! Nothing else compares. Total game changer. Thank you!
Jenny • 6/15/2015
My favorite coffee ever. I'm in love with the breakfast blend. Makes my mornings so much better.
Krista • 5/30/2015
image Morning compliments from my coffee. Another good reason to keep drinking the stuff #kind #coffee #compliments #onthedaily #cameronscoffee #handcrafted
Bethany • 5/29/2015
image My coffee comes with a sense of humor. This made Wednesday a little better. #cameronscoffee #ihatewednesdays
Guin • 4/29/2015
Hi there! I’m writing to let you know how much we love your coffees. My husband and I each drink 2 cups a day and Camerons is our go-to brand. The taste and quality is top notch and it’s our preferred brand. Thanks for making these amazing products!
Devin • 4/8/2015
Hi! I just wanted to let someone know this the best & freshest coffee I have ever had. I will not purchase any other brand but Cameron’s. I bought the Kona blend k-cups and have been in love ever since. I even bought a box for my mom! Thank you so much!
Jamey • 3/29/2015
I LOVE your Velvet Moon single serve coffee. As the box says, Smooth! It sure is. I am really impressed. I bought a box not knowing anything about your coffee. I tried it & had to go buy more. I hope you continue to make this as it is so good!!
Jennifer • 2/26/2015
image Nicest bag of coffee ever. #minnesotanice
Guin • 1/5/2015
image Great design, even better coffee!! I’d never heard of it, but it’s really good! #cameronscoffee #filtersnotcups #coffee #chocolatecaramelbrownie #vanillahazelnut
Julia • 12/7/2014
Just discovered Cameron's Coffee a week ago at our local Woodman's, and I'm HOOKED! I bought the Jamaican Blue Mountain blend and I love it. Hands down the best tasting coffee I've ever had. I'm not a morning person, but I look forward to getting up in the morning just to have my cup of Cameron's.
Missy • 8/30/2014
It's truly amazing how productive I can be after drinking my coffee, I wish I could be like this all the time. #CameronsCoffee #rescue
Sara • 8/28/2014
Okay but you guys haven't lived until you've tried the @CameronsCoffee Chocolate Caramel coffee. So beautiful. So smooth. So perfect.
Ashley • 8/3/2014
Surprised me that it was so good considering the price was much less than others on the market! Thanks!
Sandy • 4/17/2014

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