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We small batch roast all our coffees in specially designed European style roasters.

Our roasters combine drum and convection technologies to create dark, rich coffees with no bean tipping or scorching.

Our custom perforated drums recirculate heat to precisely manage airflow and evenly roast the beans. The technology behind our Indirect Thermal Heat Application Roasters is an upgrade from the well-known Probat Burns 23R.

Heat recirculation reduces energy and helps produce cleaner emissions for our neighbors and environment. Our energy efficient catalytic burners run at ~600°F, which is 8x cooler than standard industry afterburners that run at more than 5000°F.
Along with our kinder, gentler roasting, we protect the quality of our beans with a proprietary cooling process that quickly and evenly cools our beans with minimal air exposure for optimal freshness.

Try a batch of Cameron’s Specialty Coffee and taste the difference for yourself.