Investing and protecting farming communities for future generations of coffee drinkers and minimizing water and energy waste for our earth.

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Cameron’s sources the best greens from farms in some of the most remote areas of the world.

Our team treks the the globe to find the highest quality beans and direct pricing. In fact, 50% of our beans will be globally sourced via direct trade in the coming year.
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Cameron’s has developed strong relationships with our farms because it’s more to us than just a purchase.

At the farms, we walk through the entire coffee process in detail—from picking the cherries, to the wet mill and the pulper and fermentation tanks, to drying the greens, and most importantly, cupping the coffees. But we also want to know how else the people live. We visit their homes, explore their communities, observe their classrooms—because all of these elements are an important part of their well-being which leads to the success of the coffee culture on the farms.

With our Sustainable portfolio of coffees, Cameron’s buys Organic, Shade Grown and Fairtrade certified coffees from farms around the world.

USDA Organic CoffeeShade Grown Coffee
These certifications address a broad array of issues like eliminating chemical and pesticide usage, carbon footprint reduction, energy conservation, environmental preservation and fair prices for farmers.