3 Reasons Why We Love Cold Brew On The Go

As we get back into the swing of our favorite summer activities, find out why we love cold brew to keep us cool and caffeinated.

  1. You can prep it the night before.

If you treat streamlining your morning routine like a competitive sport, cold brew could be right for you. Prep the night before so you can just grab and go in the morning. Try making a larger batch at the beginning of the week to save even more time.

  1. Hot coffee can be, well, hot.

During the warmer months when you’re on your way to baseball practice or the dog park, an icy cold brew is a refreshing way to cool down and get your daily coffee kick.

  1. You can think of it as a well-deserved treat.

After a big morning of running errands or hiking in your favorite park, a cold brew is a rewarding boost that will keep you going. Treat yourself to the indulgent taste of our favorite –  Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a container for your grab and go cold brew:
  • Size: Do you typically drink one quick cup of cold brew in the morning or is  “keep em coming” more your mantra?
  • Insulation: How long does your cold brew need to stay cold?
  • Form & Function: Do you prefer the strength of stainless steel or glass you can see through? Does your container need to fit in your cup holder or stay leakproof at the bottom of your backpack?
  • Sipping style: Screw-on or flip top lid? Straw or nah?
  • Cleanup: How important is being able to clean it in the dishwasher to you?
Check out some of our favorite options for taking cold brew on the go. 

Ello Tidal Glass Tumbler

Ello Kella Glass Tumbler 

Hydro Flask Coffee

Soma Cold Brew Glass Bottle

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