thumbnail Written by Cameron's Coffee

Well, here we are at the beginning of summer already! You can find us soaking up all the little changes that summer brings along. At the top of that list: bright sunshine, fresh blooms, green grass and our cold brew coffee blends. 😊 With more of us enjoying our weekday morning (or afternoon) brew from our home offices these days, we wanted to share a few ways to bring that bright summer energy into our workspaces. Because with fresh coffee and a fresh workspace, you can do just about anything!

1. Add more color

For us, color sparks joy and optimism! It’s one of the main reasons that you’ll find our coffee packaged in bright, cheerful colors and the walls of our office in Shakopee, MN covered in lime green and bright blue. Incorporating colorful art and objects is a wonderful way to add some sunshine to your workspace and turn it into a place of joy and inspiration. Pick some fresh summer flowers and put them in a colorful vase, or dig out that bright funky coffee mug to put your pens in, or frame some colorful inspirational quotes and hang them on the wall. Psstt… if you’re looking for some inspiration, find some favorites from fellow Cameron’s fans here.

2. Bring some life into your space

Have you ever noticed that taking a break to get outside, even for just a few minutes, instantly leaves you refreshed and invigorated? With all the new life that blooms this time of year – bring some of the outdoors in! Flowers and plants are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your workspace. Another way to add more life is to surround yourself with some things that make you happy. Maybe it’s a framed picture of family, a handwritten card your friend wrote you, or your favorite summer soundtrack playing in the background.

3. Upgrade your desk chair

We know that our favorite spot to savor a smooth cup of coffee is from our best, most cozy armchair. You know the one we’re talking about. The one that is broken in just perfectly and almost feels like a warm, welcoming hug as you sink in. Why not bring that same energy to your desk chair? Swap out your daily seat for something that makes you excited to get into each morning – the brighter and cozier, the better!

4. Always keep a fresh cup of coffee brewing

Okay okay, we admit that we may be a little biased with this one… but just hear us out! While this might not be an official way to brighten your workspace, the smell of coffee alone is said to stimulate creativity and productivity. Not to mention the mood boost that comes with taking a sip. If you ask us, that’s reason alone to always have a fresh pot on hand. If you can’t keep the java brewing all day – incorporate some other scents that you enjoy. Your favorite summery candle, flowers from the garden, or just some good old-fashioned fresh air!