thumbnail Written by Cameron's Coffee

Home – it’s our safe haven, our center, where we leave from each morning and return to each night. Besides sheltering us, our homes provide comfort and are where we should always be able to be happy. As if that’s not enough, here are five more reasons to love being at home.

1. Recharging

Finding calm and serenity in the comfy corners of your space is the best, especially after a long day or a long week! Whether catching up on sleep or spending alone time doing something you enjoy, feeling your stress & worry melt away is one of the best parts of being at home.

2. Being totally yourself

Your home is filled with your possessions, which help tell the story of who you are and where you’ve been. Maybe this is why home is such a comfortable place to be completely and totally yourself, and do what you please. Go ahead and turn up the music and sing as loud as you can, or stay in your pajamas all day – lazy or silly, no one will judge you.

3. Productivity

Being at home means having time to do the tasks you’ve been putting off. Develop your DIY skills and do a house project, choose a room and rearrange the furniture, organize a space, the possibilities are endless.

4. Self-Care

A different kind of productivity, this one means spending time at home doing things you like to do. Now’s your chance to try a new recipe if you like to cook or bake. The couch is right there if you want to binge that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to get to. Or maybe you’re a bookworm and welcome the time to tackle that stack of to-be-read books.

5. Those You Love

Let’s not forget your favorite people & creatures that you may share your home with! Roommates, family, and pets help to make a house a home, and this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how valuable time spent with them is.