Ask the Roastmaster, Fourth Edition – Send us your Questions!

We have a lot of passionate people working at Cameron’s, and most anyone here would love to talk about their favorite coffee or help you decide which blend you should try. However, our resident coffee expert is Patrick Dinkins, our Cameron’s Coffee Roastmaster.

Passionate, knowledgeable, and a little bit reserved, Patrick has been Cameron’s Roastmaster for 8 years. He’s really our go-to guy for any and all coffee-related questions – from how to brew the perfect pour over, to finding a quality, affordable electric grinder, Patrick’s always ready to help us through our most pressing coffee conundrums.

We’d like to give all of our fans the chance to ask your own coffee questions of Patrick. Is there something you’ve been wondering about our favorite always smooth, never bitter beverage? From sourcing, to roasting, to brewing, to tasting, send your questions our way! We’ll answer them in future Ask the Roastmaster blog posts and on social media.

Send email to [email protected] or direct message us on Facebook, subject line “Ask the Roastmaster” — or just comment on this blog post with your questions. We look forward to reading them!

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