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When that first crisp autumn breeze rolls in, you can bet it’s bringing more than just a change in scenery. Signaling that some of the busiest months of the year are just around the corner, we like to use this seasonal shift to inspire a new set of personal goals! Big or small, fun or daunting, jot down a couple things you’d like to get done this fall!

Goal Setting

Bake something new

Apple season is here, and nothing warms up the house quite like homemade apple goodies in the oven!

Take up a hobby or get back into one

Are your knitting needles collecting dust? Painter’s easel hasn’t made it out of the closet in a while? Let the new fall colors inspire your creative side.

Host a get together

A Halloween-themed movie night or an afternoon coffee meet-up gives you the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends and family before the bustle of the holidays.

Do some fall activities

Take a trip to an apple orchard, go on a scenic drive to admire the changing leaves, or hang out at home and paint pumpkins with the little ones!

Tackle that chore you’re putting off

Is it time for a closet cleanse? Have a box in the garage that never got unpacked? Start fresh this fall by taking care of those pesky “tomorrow” tasks.

Set a personal goal

Keep yourself motivated with a new daily affirmation or by setting aside extra time in the mornings for a brisk fall walk with a thermos full of Cameron’s Coffee. 😊