Great Coffee

Brewing the Best Cup of Coffee

Want to know how to brew the best cup of coffee around? Look no further!


If you want to brew the best cup of coffee, always use good water, either spring water or filtered. We wouldn’t recommend using water that has been run through a reverse osmosis system because it takes too many of the minerals and other good things out of the water.

Most importantly, always use fresh ground coffee.


  1. Pick your favorite mug.
  2. Insert into single cup brewer and choose 8 oz. setting.
  3. Prepare for tasty coffee.

Single Serve Brewing Instructions


  1. Start with fresh ground coffee, coarsely ground, about 55 grams for an average size press pot.
  2. Put coffee in press pot.
  3. Add water, ideally around 200 degrees Fahrenheit or just before it starts to boil.
  4. Start timer. At 2 minutes stir the coffee and put the lid on. Do not push the plunger yet.
  5. Let the coffee steep for 4 minutes total. At the 4 minute mark, push the plunger down.
  6. Serve the coffee.


  1. Start with Fresh Ground coffee. A medium grind works best with this method. Use about 40 grams for this pour over.
  2. Put a filter in the holder and place in the top of the pour over. Rinse the filter with hot water from your kettle, just enough to rinse the filter and warm the decanter a bit.
  3. Pour out the rinse water and place the decanter on your scale.
  4. Replace the filter holder, with the filter in it, in the decanter.
  5. Add your coffee to the filter, place everything on your scale and zero the scale.
  6. Start pouring water over the coffee and start your timer.
  7. You will want to add 500 grams of water, about 500 ml, in around 4 minutes.
  8. At around the 4 minute mark, take the filter holder out of the decanter and serve your coffee.


Using these two brewing methods with offer a couple different taste profiles in the cup. We like brewing with both because you can get great cups of coffee out of either one.

  • The French Press will give you a much bigger, bolder, cup of coffee.
  • The Pour Over will give you a cleaner crisper cup.
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