Coffee percolator sitting next to a campfire

Brewing the Perfect Percolator Coffee

With so many ways to brew your favorite coffee, it can be hard to know where to start. But if your go-to brew is “strong enough to chew,” look no further than the percolator! A time-tested classic invented in the 1800s, percolators give your coffee a bold, robust flavor that other brewers just can’t match. Best when brewed over an open flame and sipped fireside with friends and family, percolator coffee is an excellent camping companion for all the adventurous coffee lovers out there hitting the trails this spring!

What You’ll Need: A hot stove or campfire, your favorite Cameron’s Coffee blend, filtered or spring water, and a percolator. Not sure which coffee to go with? We suggest the tried and true Breakfast Blend, or you could go with Woods & Water for the full outdoors theme.

Coffee percolator sitting next to a campfire

Step One: Fill your percolator with water, but only to the bottom of the brew basket.

Step Two:
Place the basket and stem into the percolator pot.

Step Three:
Add 1 heaping tablespoon of regular grind Cameron’s coffee for every 6 oz of water to the brew basket. Note: You may want to add a coffee filter, but it is not necessary.

Step Four:
Enjoy the sounds of the birds while you wait for the water to begin percolating. Once percolating, either turn down the heat or use a pot holder and move your percolator the edge of the fire where it is not in direct flame.  You want it to continue percolating without boiling over.

Step Five:
Allow coffee to percolate slowly for five to ten minutes, depending upon how strong you like your Cameron’s.

Step Six:
Remove the basket and discard the grounds.

Fill your mug up and enjoy the sights, smells, sounds, and of course the smooth taste. Cheers!

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