Bright New Year

Get crafty and make a vision board with us

Turn your goals into a fun and inspiring project.

The new year is a fun time to think about how you would like to update the things in your life that could be a little more “mug half full.” The first step to turning your goals into reality and manifesting the life you want is identifying what you would like to change.


  • I would like to be kinder to myself
  • I’d like to travel more
  • I’d like to live in the present and just enjoy the simple pleasures in life

For example purposes, we will share that our goal for Cameron’s this year is to bring brightness to everything we do. So now we can begin our vision board! A vision board is an awesome reference to have throughout the year. Consider it a visual tool to help you achieve your goals. This visual tool contains all kinds of images and text that represent the thing that you are trying to achieve. It can be literal or it can be abstract, but as long as when you look at it, it reminds you of your goal, then you are good to go! So keep in mind, there are really no rules when it comes to crafting your perfect vision board. Just let it represent what you want the future to look like.

Now that you have your vision in mind, get out some old magazines, thrifted books, print images on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We are going to search the hashtag #bright #sunrise #morningritual #happiness and others to start getting creative and finding imagery that matches our vision. 

If you prefer to make a digital vision board, no problem. Collecting digital images on Pinterest or you could use an app like Canva. These apps and tools make it really easy, even if you have no graphic design skills. 

Choose images that are vivid, beautiful to you and inspiring! Once you have collected enough images to represent your goal, you can start to collage them together in an way that you choose. Once you have a layout that is pleasing, you begin to glue your images together. We are using about 8 – 15 images to build our Bright Vision!

Next the trick will be to put it somewhere you can see it regularly to remind you to continue to make steps toward your goals. Think your favorite cozy corner of your house where you enjoy your morning mug of coffee. Continue to be inspired by your vision board each day as you manifest the life you most want. Happy 2023, we hope it is your best year ever!

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