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We love hearing from you! Each month we’ll feature one of our Cameron’s friends and share how Cameron’s brightens their day. We introduce you to December’s Friend of the Month:

Meet Natasha Weaver

Mother, teacher, kind of obsessed Cameron’s fan, and winner of Cameron’s #CoffeeWorks 2016 contest.

Natasha Weaver

What’s your favorite coffee?

Right now my favorite is Lone Star French Roast. Honestly, I’m kind of obsessed. The French Roast is full of flavor, bold and beautiful. It’s not watered down like most coffee is. I haven’t gone wrong with any of your coffees, so I tend to try one and stick with it until I find another that I love too.

Tell us about the first time you tasted Cameron’s Coffee.

Me and my husband have been looking for a good brand for a long time. All of the other coffee brands we’ve tried just don’t do it. Cameron’s has so much more flavor – it’s how good coffee should be at the local grocery store. When we saw the packaging we thought we’d try it. We love that Cameron’s is Organic AND you have eco-friendly pods. We tried Cameron’s; we love it; and now we can’t give Cameron’s up. Cameron’s grew on us since the very first cup, and now we’re kind of obsessed with it.

Where do you like to sit when you have your first cup of coffee?

Every Saturday morning me and my husband sit on the front porch and have a cup of Cameron’s before it gets wild with the kids. It’s my favorite spot for coffee.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

I drink about 2-3 cups every day. When the weather cools off we probably drink more. In Texas, the summers get really hot – too hot for hot coffee…but if I had an endless supply of coffee, I’d drink it all the time!

How many people have you told about Cameron’s?

Who haven’t I told? I’ve told all of the coffee lovers in my life. My mom actually is the funniest. Every time she has a different coffee (non-Cameron’s), she only has one cup. But when she has Cameron’s, she ALWAYS asks for two. I guess I’ll have to buy her some Cameron’s for Christmas!

Is there anything else that you would you like to tell the Cameron’s Coffee team?

I cannot get enough of your coffee! I really do love Cameron’s. I wish you were closer, and most importantly I wish my grocery store had more of your coffees. H-E-B has limited blends. I wish I could just walk into my local grocery store and grab any one of your blends.

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