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Brian WeavelWe love hearing from you! Each month we’ll feature one of our Cameron’s friends and share how Cameron’s brightens their day. We introduce you to November’s Friend of the Month:

Meet Brian Weavel

Father, Pizzeria Owner, and Self-Proclaimed Official and Unofficial Cameron’s Coffee Superfan

What’s your favorite coffee?

Cameron’s Woods & Water by far! All we serve at Anna’s Pizza and Pasta is Woods & Water. I always want my customers to have the best pizza, so I always make sure to give them the best coffee too. Hazelnut Crème and Toasted Southern Pecan are absolutely delicious too.

Tell us about the first time you tasted Cameron’s Coffee.

I used to drink Berres Brothers coffee, but after a while, I couldn’t handle it. It gave me heartburn. Then I tried Folgers, and it didn’t taste like anything. But then I tried Cameron’s Woods & Water–its earthy flavor stays with me for the entire cup. Woods & Water has the kind of flavor that still lingers after you sip a little. The flavor is soothing, and I like relaxing with my coffee, so there’s nothing better than a cup of Woods & Water in my hand. Cameron’s is the perfect balance, and I’ve never had heart burn with any of Cameron’s coffees.

Where do you like to sit when you have your first cup of coffee?

My day starts with Cameron’s early. I have my first cup when my kids are getting ready for school. I love sitting at the kitchen table while they’re talking. After I drop the kids off, then I’ll put on another pot and head into my office. I admit, I’m kind of an addict. I also coach hockey with them, and so I don’t make it home until midnight. So my night ends sometimes wherever my butt lands with Cameron’s.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

Typically only 10. There are times when I drink a cup of coffee at 8 or 9 at night when the dinner rush is over. Cameron’s always makes me feel good.

How many people have you told about Cameron’s?

Well, I’m the self-proclaimed official and unofficial Cameron’s superfan. I’m the common everyman, but what’s different is that I have a larger voice. With Anna’s Social Media–two Facebook pages and a Twitter account–I share whenever I have coffee. Whenever I feel a moment, I post it. And I always share with Cameron’s Coffee–when I put a pot on, I’ve even shared family pictures. For Christmas and birthdays, I always gift Cameron’s–big packages of Cameron’s. Cameron’s Coffee to me is like a friendship. Your Customer Service is fantastic. When I share things that I think are awesome, Cameron’s people like it, respect it and send me a post back. Cameron’s is really like one of my friends.

Is there anything else that you would you like to tell the Cameron’s Coffee team?

I obviously love your coffee, but I also love what you do. I’d like to say we have a friendship between Cameron’s Coffee and Anna’s Pizza. You really have a personality. You guys could go national no problem. As a small-town, small-business, I’m a huge proponent of seeing you guys win.