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If you love to camp, chances are you’re happy to go a few days without some of life’s luxuries—running water, air conditioning, cell phone service. If you’re like us, one of the few indulgences you’re unwilling to give up for a weekend in the woods is a smooth cup of coffee. Luckily, people have been drinking coffee for thousands of years, making it easy to brew with just a few basic tools. Here are some of our favorite ways to sip a solid cup of coffee (preferably Woods & Water!) in the great outdoors.
Three Ways to Brew Coffee While Camping


This technique is a little bit old school, but it’s sure to make you feel like a rugged outdoorswoman. Open the lid of your percolator, remove the tube and add two tablespoons of coffee per serving to the basket. Reassemble, then put your percolator on your heat source. As the water heats up, it’ll push up the tube, sprinkle over your coffee grounds, and trickle back down into the kettle. For best results, let your percolator do its thing for eight to ten minutes.

French Press

Set it and forget it—that’s what we’re all about! For durability and ease, we recommend investing in a stainless steel or plastic French press. For this simple, tried and true method, measure one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water. Then, boil your water, and let it rest for a minute. Pour just enough water into your French press to saturate the coffee grounds—watch as it “blooms” for 30 seconds or so. Add the rest of your water, and steep for 4 minutes. Gently press the plunger of your French press down, and pour your coffee into your mugs. Make sure to pour all your coffee as soon as it’s done steeping. Leaving it in the French press will allow it to continue to brew–making a bitter and over-extracted cup.

Collapsible Pour Over

This is a super-practical, super-portable option—great for minimalists, or hardcore backpackers. Pop open the cone, place a #2 or #4 coffee filter inside, then add two tablespoons of coffee. Boil water, then let it cool for a minute. Pour just enough water to saturate the coffee grounds, then give it 30 seconds to bloom. Methodically pour in the rest of the water, remove the cone, and enjoy your smooth coffee.

If you’ve got a little room to spare in your backpack, here are a couple other items that you might want to consider packing:

Also, if you live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, here are some of our favorite spots to set up camp: