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You may have read the title to this blog post and wondered, what does it mean to be a coffee convert? Or you may have said to yourself, Cameron’s, you ARE a coffee company, how could I be a coffee convert if I drink your coffee?

Here at Cameron’s, our definition of a coffee convert is someone who frequently (or maybe even daily) used to buy lattes or macchiatos from coffee shops, but now, they prefer to make a pot of Cameron’s Coffee at home for their daily dose of caffeine.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we still indulge in the occasional mocha-choca-latte while we’re out and about running errands on the weekend, but we’re dedicated to crafting the perfect coffee for you to brew at home, made by you, not a barista.

The process starts with picking the best beans that go into making our coffee. The beans we buy are 100% specialty-grade Arabica beans, chosen from the top 10% of beans in the world, that we then roast to perfection. Our roasters’ expertise brings out the smooth, complex flavors of the coffee and ensures that you don’t taste any bitterness in your daily cup, which comes with over-roasting.

Speaking of bitterness of over-roasted coffee, that’s one of the main reasons some of our employees switched from daily coffee shop $5 fru-fru drinks to drinking Cameron’s everyday! Most of those coffee shop drinks are loaded with milk, sugar and flavoring to hide that the beans are bitter. We know that roughly 60% of American coffee drinkers prefer something (milk, cream, sugar, etc.) added to their coffee, but with Cameron’s, we guarantee that you’ll be drinking always smooth, never bitter coffee.

Crafting the best coffee for your favorite mug is all we do. No fluff, no lines, just full-flavored specialty coffee brewed at home.

Now, after learning our definition of a coffee convert, we have to ask, are any of you, our Cameron’s Coffee fans, also coffee converts?