Coffee Kids Partnership: An Update from Beatriz

Coffee Kids Partnership: An Update from Beatriz

Last month, we introduced you to our 2020 youth farmer, Ana Beatriz Mendoza Mérida. In case you missed it, read about her background and introduction to the Coffee Kids program here!

Through Coffee Kids, Beatriz and other young farmers learn important skills to develop, maintain and grow a business. For Beatriz’s plant nursery business, this meant refining her business planning and marketing skills:

“First of all, I learned about business planning. I now understand that it’s not enough to only implement a business without doing your research; it’s important to explore and find the means and opportunities to enter a target market. I have also learned how to identify a market before starting a business and validate them.”

Coffee Kids has a knack for creating meaningful connections for their youth farmers, then following through with the right support to make their businesses successful. Beatriz found this to be the most impactful about her journey so far:

“Something impactful was the method to bring together and organize youth in coffee, how to work with youth, how youth can build a farmer organization from its foundation, and the achievements that can be reached when the group is supported and given follow-up.”

We’re encouraged by Beatriz’s story and are excited to follow along as she and her business grow!

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