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Now that we’ve told you Cameron’s Coffee’s donation to Coffee Kids will directly make life a little brighter for Saimon, a Colombian coffee farmer, we wanted to dig deeper and explain more about how exactly we’re helping him.

As we mentioned when we first announced our Coffee Kids partnership, Coffee Kids uses entrepreneurship training, mentorship and seed capital to help young coffee farmers be set-up for success in the global coffee industry. Specifically in our partnership with Saimon, we’re providing both entrepreneurship training and seed capital to kick off his coffee business.

As we previously mentioned, Saimon’s mom, who’s a delegate of the association of small coffee farmers in the municipality of Quinchia, also acts as a mentor to him. So really, Saimon is receiving the trifecta of Coffee Kids’ expertise!

We checked-in to see the progress of Saimon’s farm, and we’re happy to report that he planted 1,270 coffee trees! He said it really was “a dream come true” because he had not expected to be able to plant so many trees so soon.

Before connecting with Coffee Kids, Saimon had debated moving out of his town and finding work elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is something that many youth in coffee producing countries are doing, which causes family coffee farms that have been passed down or harvested in the family for years to falter. By enabling Saimon through training and seed capital to plant so many trees to look after and harvest, he now is excited stay around and continue in his mother’s successful footsteps of coffee farming!

Be sure to check back soon to hear the next chapter of Saimon’s story!