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In partnership with Coffee Kids, we’re excited to announce the support of our 2020 youth farmer: Ana Beatriz Mendoza Mérida!

Beatriz lives in Huehuetenango, Guatemala and comes from a coffee farming family. Coffee from Western Guatemala is known for being full bodied, strong and sweet with a rich flavor, perfect for many of our smooth Cameron’s blends! We’re so excited to support a young farmer from an area where we purchase our green coffee.


Beatriz Coffee Farmer


At 24 years old, Beatriz owns and farms her own plot of land on her family’s coffee farm. She joined Coffee Kids a year ago through a course that connected youth coffee farmers from rural parts of Guatemala with their urban counterparts working as baristas and roasters in the city. The course gave her a better understanding of the coffee industry as a whole and sparked a deeper interest to invest in her community.

Beatriz, along with 15 other Coffee Kids youth, have started a plant nursery business, growing and selling plants to the local community. These plants range from ornamental plants, to those used in community reforestation projects, to plants essential to grow alongside coffee. They’ve even secured their local city, the Municipality of San Antonio Huista, as a client to purchase plants for city parks, lining the city streets and for other shared spaces!


Coffee Camp


Along with running the nursery business, Beatriz is learning all aspects of the coffee industry, like marketing and exporting, to improve her farming business. She’s motivated by the dedication of the other youth in her farmer organization and is excited to see how her businesses grow.

Join us for Beatriz’s journey- we can’t wait to share more!