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We’re so excited to share an update regarding our Coffee Kids partnership!

After announcing our partnership with Coffee Kids, we looked at where we purchase a lot of our green coffee from, and cross-checked that with Coffee Kids’ training, mentorship and seed capital programs. After a lot of discussion, we’re excited to share how Cameron’s Coffee’s donation is directly making the life brighter of one particular Colombian farmer!

Meet Saimon! Saimon is a 23-year-old coffee farmer that we’ve partnered with this year to help him develop the skills to launch his own business. He lives in Colombia in the Quinchia region with his mom, as his four siblings have moved out of their family home. Saimon grew up around coffee plantations and caña panelera (panela sugarcane), which contributed to him being a part of the Coffee Kids entrepreneurship project.

It was actually Saimon’s mom, who’s a delegate of the association of small coffee farmers in the municipality of Quinchia, who encouraged Saimon to attend the meeting for the Coffee Kids program. As you know, “Coffee Kids empowers young coffee farmers to create thriving businesses and a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families”, and at that meeting, Saimon was motivated by the direct way that Coffee Kids spoke to the entrepreneurs and the interest that the organization had in training and teaching them good business practices.

We can’t wait to share more updates on Saimon’s coffee business!