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Throughout our partnership with Coffee Kids, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting two talented young coffee producers. While most recently we’ve been sharing the inspiring story of this year’s Coffee Kids farmer, Maritza – we wanted to check back in with Saimon, our Coffee Kids farmer from last year.

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While it’s been some time since we last spoke with Saimon, we’re happy to report that his coffee business continues to flourish. Two of his ongoing goals have been to continually yield a productive harvest and leverage technology to increase life cycle and quality of his crops. Both of which he’s delivering on! Saimon proudly reported that all 2,000 of his coffee plants remain healthy and he hasn’t experienced any losses this year. Additionally, he’s had another successful harvest, allowing him to make some money to further support his business.

As you can imagine, with any amount of success comes challenges as well. At the top of Saimon’s list is climate change. Saimon mentioned that in previous years climate change has greatly affected his and his mom’s farms, generating a lot of loss due to long winter seasons. Due to the altitude of Saimon’s farm, the soil gets hotter faster, causing it to dry prematurely. This negatively impacts the quality of the coffee that is produced.

However, with Saimon’s new-found confidence and business mindset, he’s working to implement more shade in areas that undergo direct sunlight to prevent problems in future harvests. In an interview with Saimon he mentioned, “You always have to have your head high despite difficulties or any situations that present themselves. You have to move forward. Never give up.” We’re proud and inspired by all he’s accomplished!

Be sure to check back soon for another update on Saimon!