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We’re excited to enter our third year of partnership with Coffee Kids!

Cameron’s Coffee is all about your perfect cup of coffee at home, but we’re also dedicated to improving the industry that gives us those smooth morning sips. Our partnership with Coffee Kids gives us an opportunity to make a difference from afar. By drinking Cameron’s Coffee, you’re a part of that difference too, so thank you!

Coffee Kids empowers young coffee farmers to create thriving businesses and a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. They use entrepreneurship training, mentorship and seed capital to help young farmers see themselves as entrepreneurs, develop the skills to launch their own businesses, and connect to the global coffee industry.

Often young coffee farmers must make the difficult decision to leave home to pursue other, more financially stable careers over staying home on the family farm. Coffee Kids steps in to provide training and resources to grow their business so staying home to farm is more feasible.

Over the last two years, we’ve followed Saimon in the Quinchia region of Colombia and Maritza in the Trifinio region of South America on their journey with Coffee Kids. Through our partnership, we are helping Saimon as he expands his coffee farm and refines his entrepreneurial skills and Maritza as she and her family start and continue to grow their own coffee business: Keolmas Coffee.

Click the links below to get a refresher on our past updates with these two young, inspiring coffee producers!

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Maritza’s Stories:

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Stay tuned for the introduction of our third farmer sponsorship! We are so excited to share in their journey!