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Cameron’s is entering our third year of partnership with Coffee Kids. Read all about our partnership in our latest blog post! We love helping the future of coffee farmers across the world.

This year, we’re partnering with a young smallholder farmer in Western Guatemala. As with our past two farmer partnerships, our new farmer will receive support through the three pillars of Coffee Kids: entrepreneurship training, mentorship and financing through seed capital. Be on the lookout in the coming months as we share these stories in more detail!

In the meantime, we’re admiring Coffee Kids’ dedication from afar, especially in these unprecedented times. They’re continuing their mentorship and training support through digital connections. They’re even leveraging connections to farmer organizations in coffee-producing regions to ensure all their farmers are well supported. This means up-to-date health information they can use themselves and spread to their communities.

Interested in learning more? Read Coffee Kids’ latest update here!