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Over the past twenty-five plus years, Cameron’s has learned a lot about our farmers and the supply chain we share.

Our focus is to work for direct farmer relationships to pay them fairly and quickly. This is called Direct Trade – the process of buying our coffee direct from producers instead of through a third party. This allows us to form deep, lasting relationships with farmers and ensure we’re supporting beyond the purchase of coffee, like through education, technology, and other resources.

Cameron’s has found that helping the small farmer with better farming practices has the most benefit to the people, planet and product within global coffee. Higher quality and yields allow for greater income and wage stability, and fuel the improvement of basics like clean water, local medical access and better living conditions (including education for children and gender equality for women). Better farming practices also improve land and water use, which benefits the environment.

Keep tuning in each month on our blog as we continue to share an inside look into the farmers, families and nature that fuel your bright morning cup! Until then, learn more about our Social Responsibility initiatives here.

Woman Smiling on a coffee farm with birds