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There’s an important holiday celebrated each year. Even though you don’t get a day off for it, it celebrates something one of a kind – our earth.

This year, our 4.543 billion year old earth celebrated its 46th Earth Day on April 22nd. The first Earth Day happened in 1970 and has been acknowledged as a holiday in 141 countries. At Cameron’s Coffee, we spent this day like we do everyday, brewing delicious coffee that’s easy on our planet.

Here are three ways Cameron’s Coffee works to care for our Earth:

1 ) Sustainable Sourcing

Cameron’s practices sustainability in all of our coffee buying – but we go to extremes in our Sustainable portfolio, which includes Organic, Rainforest Alliance, and Shade Grown.


Organic coffees don’t use pesticides or herbicides, which can unintentionally harm essential insects, animals and plants that aren’t a threat to the coffee crop.

Our favorite Sustainable coffees are Rainforest Alliance, which is a charitable organization that promotes sustainable farming. If you haven’t heard of Rainforest Alliance before, you might have seen its frog seal on products. The seal verifies the product comes from farms that have passed excruciating inspections. Currently only 4,500 products or companies in the world have approval to use the seal.

Shade Grown coffees are also extremely important to Cameron’s. Coffee trees grow better in the shade, but over the last three decades, farmers cut down many of the shady trees surrounding their farms to make room for a larger crop. The effect of the trend has been harmful to the ecosystem because the plants dry out faster without shade and need more water. Coffee trees also struggle to stop erosion without the help of taller trees.

2 ) Cameron’s Manufacturing Facility


When Cameron’s Coffee designed our new facility in 2008, we made sure our plant reflected our environmentally friendly mission. We designed an energy efficient roaster/afterburner to reduce energy consumption to ⅛ of industry standards. We also built our plant and offices to today’s highest energy standards. We installed a massive and efficient fan to keep employees cool and reduce gas consumption by 13-18° F. All of our dock doors feature energy saving air blocking systems. On top of all that, Cameron’s also eliminated virtually all water waste in production.

3 ) BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods


Unfortunately, single cup coffee can produce a lot of waste. K-Cups alone produce enough garbage each year to wrap around our earth over 11 times. But save your Keurig brewer, and enjoy Cameron’s BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods for better taste and less plastic waste! At Cameron’s Coffee, we use recycled materials for packaging wherever possible. Our Organic BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods are made of renewable plant-based materials with compostable* lidding and rings that will return to the earth within 90 days.

Take our #BetterTasteLessWaste Pledge to switch to BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods and help prevent additional K-Cups from becoming landfill waste!

Cameron’s would like to thank you for staying green this Earth Day and hope you’re able to go out and enjoy the beautiful place we all call home. Check out some of our Sustainable coffees while you’re at it!


Our most popular organic coffee. Its dark, rich, and smooth profile is a classic. C’est si bon.




Make the light, floral tones and bright finish of this Rainforest Alliance coffee a part of your morning ritual.




A fantastic way to start your day! Our Organic Arabica coffees from the best Central and South American coffee regions.


*Compostable in industrial facilities. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. No current certification for backyard composting.