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Well, here we are in the middle of summer already. In Minnesota, the warm summer sun is all too fleeting, which means we like to get outside and enjoy every last minute of it! Naturally, we bring our coffee along for the ride (and these Cameron’s tumblers make it even easier!)

These activities aren’t just for Minnesota folk though; so read on, then grab your coffee and get going!

Walk the Dog

What a perfect reason to be outside and enjoy the warm sunshine! When your pup wakes you up early (or gets stir crazy midday) brew a cup, grab the leash and go. Strolling the street with your furry friend is even nicer while sipping some coffee. Don’t have a dog? Find a friend or partner, and take a lap around the neighborhood with them.

Road Trip!

The epitome of summer is cruising in the car with the windows down, music up, and wind in your hair. Whether a long haul with your family or just a long weekend with a friend, make sure you grab your coffee before heading out the door, and keep that cup holder full.

Farmer’s Market

Summer Saturday mornings are great for heading to your local farmer’s market and picking up some produce for the week ahead. With your market bag on your shoulder and coffee in hand, perusing the fresh selections will be a breeze.


It’s often more pleasant to do your gardening in the morning, before the heat of the day sets in. Why not bring your morning coffee outside too? The day will feel full of possibility!

A Day on the Lake

Going to the lake is a way of life in Minnesota, and days on the boat can be long. Bring your brew along on the boat, and make sure you’re fueled up for a fun day on the water!