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Father’s Day is right around the corner, so we wanted to round up a list of 10 local brands that we think would make the perfect gift for the dad in your life. After all, he probably was the guy that taught you tie your shoes or how to shake off a scraped knee!

1. Sample Set of Cameron’s Coffee

If there’s one beverage that dads live off of, it’s probably beer coffee! That’s why we recommend getting him a “sample” of some of our most popular always smooth, never bitter blends. We’ve found that most men love our Velvet Moon dark roast, Organic Breakfast Blend light roast, and our Highlander Grog flavored coffee! Cheers!

2. Cameron’s Tumbler or Mug

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also try to convince you to buy a Cameron’s tumbler or mug for your dad to enjoy his new favorite blend! We think he’d especially love our “It’s 5 AM Somewhere” 10oz blue diner mug! You can even snag one for yourself, we won’t tell him!

3. Grill Utensil Set

It’s not only summer, it’s grilling season! That’s why we had to include the recommendation of gifting the dad’s in your life a new grill utensil set. We love the idea of getting him a personalized set like the one this MN seller from Etsy currently has available for an affordable $29.99!

4. Double Take Salsa and Hot Sauce

To continue the trend of things perfect for a summer BBQ with the dads in your life, we recommend stocking up on Double Take Salsa and Hot Sauce. They mention on their website that their salsa and hot sauce are “packed with flavor and have a bite to them”, sign us up!

5. Mama Kicks Sauces & Marinade

Adding this item to your Father’s Day gift will surely put a smile on dad’s face, but also warm your own heart. We love that Mama Kicks donates a percentage of profits to help women entrepreneurs around the world, plus, we’re salivating reading these sauce & marinade descriptions!

6. Jack Link’s 100% Meat Bar

Sweet treats are for Valentine’s Day…but MEAT TREATS are for Dad’s Day. Jack Link’s 100% Beef Bars are perfect, they fill dad up with only 70 calories for 8g of delicious, meat protein. Perfect for chores around the house, playing with the kids, and keeping dad satisfied through dad life. Plus, they won’t crumble into the seats of his Manly Van.

7. Frost River Packs & Luggage

We got this product recommendation straight from one of our employees who’s also a dad! Another MN company that also makes all of their leather and textiles in America! After poking around their website we think splurging for the Explorer Duffel Bag would have your dad so excited to start planning his next trip!

8. Badger Hill Brewing Beer

Ok, in all honesty, if your dad is like most Midwestern men, one of his favorite drinks is probably beer. That’s why we think it’d be perfect to gift your dad one of Badger Hill Brewing’s growlers or bombers this Father’s Day. They’re a local brewery that’s located right down the street from our headquarters in Shakopee, MN, and make one of our favorite IPAs!

9. Slippers from Minnetonka Moccasin

One thing we can probably all agree on is that dads tend to hang on to different articles of clothing longer than they should… ratty college t-shirt, underwear with holes in them, need we say more?! That’s why we’re recommending you check out Minnetonka Moccasin’s slipper collection and gift him a new pair of his soon-to-be favorite lounge item.

10. Spending Time with Dear Ol’ Dad

We know we kind of cheated this 10th item, but really, what most dads want for Father’s Day is some quality time with their kids. Whether that’s a coupon for 10 fishing trips this summer or offering to be the grill master for a night, we think your dad would really appreciate you spending time with him!