Gift Guide For Any Morning Style Part 2


Cameron’s is all about the unique individuals and the ways they experience their morning routines with their favorite Cameron’s blend. Whether you’re off to the races the second the alarm goes off, or you like to take your time easing into the day, all of our mornings look a little bit different.

This holiday season, we wanted to bring you gift ideas to brighten the mornings of every person on your list. Read on for our top recommendations, based on a few classic morning styles. PS, while you’re at it, check out our flavor quiz to find the perfect blend to match your own individual morning routine!

Sunrise Superstart 🌞

Those who fall into our sunrise superstart category are those who use every new sunrise as a brand new opportunity to have the brightest day possible. They naturally see the world as a mug “half full” kind of place and always choose to see the sunny side of things (aka our kind of people!).

A proud member of the Sunrise Superstart category is lifestyle blogger and mom of two, Emmy Lou Styles! Check out some of her curated gift recommendations below.

  1. Collapsible Travel Cup

What Emily says: “The perfect mug if you’re short on space (and for traveling)!”

  1. Coffee Tea Towel

What Emily says: “These towels make the best gifts!  Just add your fave Cameron’s blend and voila!

Cameron's Coffee "Half-Full" Double Walled Glass Coffee Mug
  1. Half Full Mug

Let your mug reflect your optimistic point-of-view.

  1. Smiley Yellow Robe

For cozy mornings that bring a smile!

  1. Milk Frother

What Emily says: “Feel like you’re in a coffee shop each and every morning by creating the perfect froth for your Cameron’s Coffee!”

  1. Winter Blend Coffee

The brightest days call for the brightest blends!

Go Getter 📝

When the sun is up, the folks in this category are getting out and getting after it! The day is their oyster. They’re huge fans of routine, early morning errands, to dos, and plenty of cups of coffee. If that sounds like someone on your holiday shopping list this year, check out the personalized picks from our partner Andrea Larson below. As a stay at home mom, blogger, content creator, and family CEO, she knows a thing or two about staying organized and enjoying the process.

  1. Apple Watch, Series 3

What Andrea says: “The first thing I do every morning (before getting out of bed) is to put on my Apple Watch! I like to track my steps, time, weather, etc., for the day!”

  1. Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

What Andrea says: ” I switched over to a Keurig and haven’t looked back! I drink two Cameron’s EcoPods a day. It’s my favorite morning ritual – hot coffee to start my day!”

  1. Simplified Planner

What Andrea says: “I always look at my planner while I drink my Cameron’s Coffee to look ahead at my day and week. It helps keep me on track!” 

  1. White Chocolate Peppermint Coffee

Cooling peppermint to awaken the senses and get down to business!

Early Riser Routine 🐦

The early bird gets the worm! This category is for those that enjoy waking up before the sun and enjoying their time easing into the day. Their routines can be filled with early morning workouts, journaling, meditations, you name it. We partnered with Kelli Calkins, part time food and cocktail connoisseur to get a window into her early riser routine, which consists of waking up early and centering herself with meditation and delicious coffee. From there, she feels she can better service those around her and lead a more productive day. Check out her gift recommendations below!

  1. Five Minute Journal

What Kelli says: “My favorite to capture all of my morning thoughts & to do lists!

  1. Under Eye Masks

What Kelli says: “A cool and refreshing way to prep my skin for the day.

Cameron's Optimist Comfy Crewneck
  1. Optimist Crewneck

A cheerful way to keep warm during those early mornings!

  1. Yoga Mat

What Kelli says: “Having a designated yoga mat can help induce feeling grounded and zen in the morning.”

  1. Oil Diffuser

What Kelli says: “Calming and bright scents while using aromatherapy help wake me up and set the tone for a great day ahead!”

  1. Velvet Moon EcoPods

Greet the day with a 100% plant-based pod.

Still can’t decide? Check out our other gift guide here!

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