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Here at Cameron’s, we think it’s important to celebrate events big and small—whether it’s picking up a box of donuts to honor a coworker’s birthday, or riding roller coasters at Valley Fair to celebrate another successful year of crafting America’s best home-brewed coffee. That’s why we hope you’ll do something simple and sweet for the teachers in your life to thank them for another successful school year.

Apples are great, but if you’re looking to get a little bit more creative, here are a few ways you can let a teacher know you care.

1. Have your child fill in this printable.

Ask them to write a sentence or two about what they like most about their teacher. Send them to school with the printable, and a couple of bags of Cameron’s Organic Breakfast Blend. Kind words and coffee make the greatest gifts.

2.  94% of teachers spend their own money on school supplies.

Help them (and your children!) out by putting together a little care package of markers, pencils, glue, and other materials for the classroom.

3. Buy them a plant or flowers.

Research consistently links indoor plants with wellbeing. Consider choosing peace lilies or lavender for their calming scent.

4. Give them a box of healthy snacks to put in the teacher’s lounge.

Some of our favorite wholesome pick-me-ups are Larabars, Trader Joe’s Just Mango Slices and Angie’s Boomchickapop sea salt popcorn.

5. Volunteer to go on the next field trip!

Help herd kids, and get to know who your child’s teacher is as a human. They spend most of their days making sure your child is learning and growing. Take the time to build a relationship with them, and thank them for their role in your kid’s success.