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At Cameron’s, we share your appreciation for the happy, warming moments of life. Enjoy these bits of good news we’ve collected to bring a smile to your face while you enjoy some wonderful Cameron’s coffee.

20 Years After Princess Diana’s Death, New Campaign in Her Honor Encourages Kindness Among Strangers

20 years since her death, Princess Diana continues to inspire us with her commitment to kindness and compassion. Learn more ›

Sweden Opens First Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods

Visitors can drop off unwanted items and then shop for upcycled goods! Read article ›

Roger Federer Builds 50 New Preschools in Africa

Some of Roger Federer’s biggest—and youngest—fans are probably too tiny to know about his victories on the tennis court–and too touched by poverty to care much. Read article ›

Stranger Buys $749 Plane Ticket For Distraught Father Who’s Told His Daughter Can’t Fly Free

This woman’s act of kindness at the airport left a father speechless after she bought his 2-year-old daughter a $749 plane ticket on Wednesday. Read article ›

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