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This month, we’re sharing more uplifting stories from fellow Minnesotans, as well as highlighting other do gooders! Enjoy!

Beer Delivery Man in St. Paul, Minnesota Talk Suicidal Man Off Bridge

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Principal Install Free Laundromat at School After Students Were Bullied for Wearing Dirty Clothes

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High School Senior Wins Homecoming Queen, Then Puts On Helmet and Wins Football Game

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After 72 Years, Two Women Switched at Birth Finally Come Face to Face

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Every Week This 93-Year-Old Man Buys a Box of Hershey Bars and Hands Them Out to Strangers

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  1. I would like to see you open a store at the warehouse. Even if it was oly open once or twice a week or for a short time daily. I’ll going to miss the great values you offer on close out packs.

    Great to hear your doing so well. I’ve definitely seen a lot more places selling your coffee which is good for me because you’re coffee is my first choice because offer value and a really great coffee.

  2. Thank u for sharing I only drink Cameron coffee it’s the best coffee there is I think anyway I like the beans wish u could get coupons sometimes Maria Johnson

  3. We appreciate your understanding, Jim! We hope to see you at our Spring sale 🙂

  4. Can’t wait until people can order ground southern pecan coffee again. Great coffee.
    The pecan pie brand is not
    Near as good that is in stores.
    Hope you have ordering up and running really soon.

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