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From one coffee lover to another, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite coffee items that we think every coffee aficionado should be gifted this holiday season. (Your secret’s safe with us if you get something for yourself, too!)

1. Coffee Makers

Since everybody has a different preferred brew method we rounded up some of our favorite inexpensive and investment options in each category.

2. Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Whether your daily cup(s) of coffee are brewed via a pour-over or you save this more time-consuming brewing method for the weekend, investing in an electric pour-over kettle is life changing. We use the Fellow Stagg kettle at our offices and we also hear good things about the Hario and OXO brands.

3. Coffee Paraphernalia

Are you truly a coffee fanatic if you don’t shout it from the rooftop with all of the kitschy accessories?!

  • Even though we think Cameron’s is best enjoyed as a straight-up cup of coffee we love this latte spoon.
  • We have to admit, probably 50% of the coffee we drink is on the road, so it’s only fitting coffee travels with us wherever we go with this coffee keychain, right?
  • Does your coffee lover have a coffee nook in their kitchen? We think this sign is a must!

4. Thermos and Mug

Speaking of drinking coffee on the road, although a little pricey than a typical thermos, we really think the Yeti travel tumbler & Corkcicle tumbler keep your always smooth, never bitter cup of Cameron’s warm the longest. And how cute is this festive mug?!

5. COFFEE!!!!!

We can’t make a coffee themed gift guide and not include the elixir… our personal fave is obviously Cameron’s Holiday Coffee! We also found this awesome coffee + chocolate gift box for either ground or whole bean coffee.

We know what we’re asking Santa for this year!