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During the holiday season, we know how nice it is to cozy up and enjoy quality time with family and friends. What that means for many of us is either traveling to someone else’s house or hosting people in our own home. Here at Cameron’s, our fans are our family and we wanted to share a few tips & tricks to ensure that those visiting you this holiday season feel right at home!

Simple touches go a long way

From setting out towels for your guests to use while they stay with you, to leaving a basket of toiletries in the bathroom of things they may have forgotten to pack, to putting water bottles on their nightstands, these small gestures do go a long way! Not only are you ensuring your guests feel welcomed, you’re also saving them from having to ask for these everyday items.

Set out snacks and drinks

Another easy way to ensure your guests truly “make themselves at home” while they’re staying with you is to set out snacks and have their favorite drinks on hand. Having munchies sitting on your counter allows your guests to never go hungry. They will also thank you endlessly if you stock up on their favorite beer or wine!

Invite them to participate in traditions

Just as you and your family have many traditions during the holidays, your guests are probably missing out on their own. Be sure to include them in a few of yours! If Cameron’s housed people during the holidays, you bet we’d ask them to watch Elf, take them to our favorite local watering hole, Badger Hill Brewing, and stay up late drinking a cup of decaf French Roast and playing board games.

But also allow them free time

It’s very thoughtful to ask your guests to join you in your holiday activities, however, make it clear they don’t have to participate in everything. Often times, guests arrive in a new city or a place they used to call home and they want to visit local coffee shops, get dinner with friends, or have a quiet night by themselves. While it’s great to invite them to be a part of your family’s traditions, make sure they know they are free to come and go as they please.

Gift them Cameron’s Coffee!

Lastly, there is no better host than one that sends you home with a treat! This holiday season, stock up on a few extra bags of your favorite Cameron’s Coffee blend. We suggest keeping it seasonal with Crème Brûlée Latte, or going with a crowd pleasing Colombian Supremo.

Happy hosting!