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At Cameron’s coffee, we’re pretty much always filled with Holiday cheer! Is it the caffeine? Maybe. But we’re also driven by our core mission to make your days just a little bit brighter one sip of carefully crafted coffee at a time. And the holidays are the perfect time to bring our mission to life!

This special time of year for friends and family to come together and celebrate should always be joyous, but we know St. Nick often drops off a little dose of stress with all those presents! We spend weeks making sure everything is just so for our guests, tediously choreographing the perfect dinner. But what about the morning after the main event? You might still have a house full of guests, and you’re probably feeling a little wiped out, thinking, “is it already time to cook another meal?!”.

Well, have no fear! Your troubles will be miles away with these tips for a super smooth post-holiday breakfast 😊

Make ahead dishes

Take as much off your plate for the morning as possible by whipping something up the night before! Dishes like overnight oats, egg bakes, and muffins work great. We’ve got a baked Blueberry French Toast recipe on our blog that would be perfect too!

Set up a Cameron’s Coffee bar

Pick up a few of your favorite Cameron’s Coffee blends and flavors for a coffee bar! Brew a few pots and store each of them in a thermal carafe or thermos to keep them piping hot all morning. Then set out all the fixins: cream, almond milk, sugar, hot cocoa, Baileys, candy canes, and cinnamon sticks should be a good start!

Simple sides

Skip the labor intense dishes like waffles and pancakes – you’ll spend all morning mixing and flipping when you could be making another trip to the coffee bar! Just pop a tray of bacon in the oven and set out a simple fruit tray or build-your-own granola station.

Use up your leftovers

Get creative with your leftovers! Left over Christmas ham can go in any egg dish, challah works great for French toast, and mashed potatoes can turn into crispy potato pancakes.

Be merry and bright

Que up the Christmas music one last time and enjoy a fantastic start to your day surrounded by loved ones. Cheers!