How We Reduced Our Waste Footprint in 2021

As you know, we at Cameron’s are committed to doing the right thing – for the environment, for our coffee farmers and for you – our loyal Cameron’s fans!

Hills of Coffee Farm - Cameron's Coffee, How we Reduced our Waste Footprint in 2021

Last year we introduced you to our Clean Earth Team, a group of Cameron’s Coffee employees committed to reducing Cameron’s overall waste footprint. The team was formed in 2021 and is happy to share the achievements in sustainability made throughout the year.

In the 2021 Cameron’s Sustainability Report, Clean Earth Team Leader Rachel Abele talks about the formation of the team, success of Cameron’s sustainability efforts, and our commitment to continuous improvement in reducing our waste footprint.

“2021 became a year of regrowth and new challenges for everyone as the world still deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. The coffee world is seeing prices increase for beans, shipping issues, and climate change-related challenges never seen before. Cameron’s has managed to remain resilient and maintain our focus on improving and meeting customer needs.”

Environmental accountability was at the forefront of our minds this year. We had a significant decrease in landfill waste and began researching more sustainable packaging in addition to our EcoPods.

Cameron’s remains socially responsible from farm to cup with our sustainable farming initiatives. We strive to take more social responsibility in the coming years, especially in our growing community. Looking back on the year, Cameron’s has achieved a lot, but there are always areas to improve… the bottom line and our customers are driving us to always do better.”

Coffee Farmer with Coffee Cherries - Cameron's Coffee, How we Reduced our Waste Footprint in 2021

Clean Earth Team Values

  • Focus
  • Passionate Coffee Experts
  • Devoted to Quality
  • Purposeful Innovation


Cameron’s partnered with SMSC Organics Recycling Facility and began composting single serve waste including the rings, e-mesh, and lidstock in addition to the excess chaff currently sent to compost at the facility. SMSC uses our waste to create mulch and soil blends. This keeps Cameron’s waste out of a landfill where it would sit for years and instead turns it into something that is returned to the earth to grow something new.

Coffee Plant Growth - Cameron's Coffee, How we Reduced our Waste Footprint in 2021

Reduction of Waste Footprint & Energy at Cameron’s Roastery, Finished Goods Warehouse and Front Office Buildings

  • 49.7% reduction in water consumption
  • 4.4% reduction in electricity used
  • 37.7% reduction in lbs of waste
  • 50.2% of waste diverted from landfills (an increase of 35%!)

As we head into 2022, Cameron’s continues to be committed to sustainably bringing you great tasting coffee for you to enjoy at home. We plan to keep finding ways to reduce landfill waste, energy usage and become more active in our community here in Shakopee, Minnesota.

So cozy up with your cup of Cameron’s and know we’re taking care of the Earth as we make the best tasting coffee around!

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