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At Cameron’s, we have so many different blends and flavors that we like to think we have a coffee for everyone. Some of you may be interested in trying something new but wonder where to even start. Well, we’re here to help! This month we’ll be featuring one of our most popular organic coffee blends, and providing suggestions based on its characteristics. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

If you like our Organic French Roast…

A dark roast classic, Cameron’s Organic French Roast is a long running fan favorite! Crafted with Organic Specialty Grade beans from Honduras, the brown sugary sweetness and bold flavor in this coffee keeps folks coming back for more. But if you’re looking for a morning off from this go-to blend, we’ve got a couple picks that are sure to brighten up your cup!

Organic Italian Roast

If Organic French Roast doesn’t have enough kick for ya, our robust and smoky Organic Italian Roast is sure to do the trick! This extra dark roast boasts bold flavors of bittersweet chocolate with a smooth finish. Cameron’s Organic Italian Roast is perfect on its own or with a splash of cream and sugar!

Organic Scandinavian Blend

A local favorite, Cameron’s Organic Scandinavian Blend is very similar to the Organic French Roast, but the beans are roasted a bit lighter. This is a great way to taste test the difference that roast level has on the same coffee bean. This rich, full bodied blend has a super smooth finish that will have you saying “uff da, that’s good!” 😊