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At Cameron’s Coffee, we have so many different blends and flavors that we like to think we have a coffee for everyone. Some of you might like to try something new but wonder where to even start. Well, we’re here to help! This month we’re featuring one of our holiday coffees and giving you a few other suggestions based on its characteristics. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

Winter Blend

One of the latest additions to our holiday lineup has quickly become a fan favorite! Cameron’s Winter Blend is earthy and sweet with hints of chocolate and spice, topped off by a smooth, creamy finish. This blend is the perfect winter warmer upper! But, sadly, Winter Blend is only available during the holidays. So, if you’ve been missing our Winter Blend, we think you’ll love these next two blends!

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend is one of our highest rated and most frequently reviewed coffees. The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are known for their exclusive, top quality coffee beans. This blend combines the rich, complex flavors of those Jamaican beans with sweet, nutty South American coffees, giving you the perfect cup!

House Blend

Cameron’s House Blend, formerly known as our Gold Cup House Blend, is a staple that we’ve always said is “so good, it should be drunk from a gold cup”. Central American and Indonesian beans come together in this blend to create a robust, creamy coffee with a crisp, clean finish.

If you loved our Winter Blend, sound off in the comments with your other Cameron’s Coffee favorites! Cheers!