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We’re proud to partner with Coffee Kids for a second year. Through this partnership we’ll continue to support smallholder farmers by helping them gain knowledge & technology and learn how to combat climate change, and by providing seed capital to continue to sustain the future of coffee.

This year, we are excited to share that our efforts will be making a difference in the Trifinio region, which is where the Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvado borders meet. If you’ve been following our blog the past few months, you may realize that one of our team members recently traveled to this area of Central America with Coffee Kids.

While there, she connected with several youth who were already making great progress in leveraging technology and leaning on mentors to increase the quality and quantity of their yield. As you can imagine, after spending several days with a few of them, she got to know them pretty well! In particular, she got to know Kevin and Maritza Leveron, two siblings who are coffee farmers in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras.


So, this year we will be focusing on sharing Maritza Leveron’s story with you. Maritza is a young female coffee farmer that has dreams for what her farm and coffee can do, and we’re excited to take you along on her journey!

Stay tuned for more posts explaining Maritza’s story!