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4 Reasons to Switch to Large Size Bags

It’s probably not surprising that, here at Cameron’s, we like to refill our mugs with Cameron’s coffee a time or two each day. An empty mug just needs to be addressed, so we keep a fresh pot at the ready.

As of this writing, this writer continues to alternate between working from our office and working from home, so I’ve been brewing a lot more coffee at home than in the past. Evidently, I’m not alone.  I know a lot of us have had to change our morning routines over the past two years, and that includes where we get our morning cup of cheer. As a result, here at Cameron’s, we’ve been roasting and packing more coffee than ever!

One of the things we’ve noticed is how many people have switched to our large-format packages, so we’ve had to ramp up that packaging line to keep up! I’ve made the switch too. We use a regular drip brewer at our house, and we generally purchased the “standard” 10-to-12 oz. bags. But, like many of you, we’ve made the switch to the larger 28-to-32 oz. format. There are a couple of good reasons why, at least for my family, this makes perfect sense.

  1. We’re drinking a lot more coffee at home!  And we’re going through one of these larger bags much faster than I would have guessed. We wrote a previous blog about this some time ago, so I won’t repeat the math here, but a two-pound bag is really the perfect size for a week’s worth of coffee for the average family of coffee drinkers.
  2. A large-format bag holds approximately as much coffee as three small-format bags, but uses 44% less packaging material. So we feel better about that.
  3. They’re a great value! Stated simply, the larger bags cost about twice as much as the smaller bags, but for about three times as much coffee. So my wallet feels better, too!
  4. One more reason: have you ever gone to brew some coffee and there’s not enough left in the bag? I have. It’s not a pretty picture. And there are some things I can’t do without, so that means an unplanned trip to our local store to resupply. Starting out with a larger package just means I’m less likely to face this dire situation!

It appears that more and more people are making this switch, for whatever their reasons. So, here at Cameron’s, we’ve been expanding our offerings of larger-format packages, both bags of whole bean and ground varieties, as well as larger cartons of our EcoPods, from 24-count all the way up to 72-count.

While these large-format packages may not be right for everyone, whether you drink less coffee or like the variety you get from multiple smaller packages, we think they’re a convenient way make sure you always have enough always smooth, never bitter Cameron’s coffee on hand.

Here at Cameron’s, we like to think of ourselves as “mug half full” kind of people. And that goes for both our outlook on life, and for how we like to keep our morning coffee mugs!

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