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Over the past year or so we’ve been introducing you to Cameron’s employees, and even a few avid fans of our always smooth, never bitter coffee. It seems like you all really love getting a peek behind the curtain and getting to know us and other Cameron’s loyalists better!

So, this month we’d like to introduce you to Suruchi Avasthi, a Cameron’s Coffee blogger and influencer partner who we’ve worked with for the past two years!

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?
I grew up in Houston, went to school in Austin, and then lived in Minneapolis for a year after graduating. I currently live in Sacramento, CA!

What do you do for work, and what do you like about it?
I currently work as an Account Manager for a CPG company and what I like about it is that my job is basically about building connections and relationships with retail partners. I get to learn from so many different people and work on some of the biggest and best brands out there which is so fun!

When did you first start blogging and what has been your favorite brand to partner with?
During my senior year of college I began looking for a creative way to bring my love of writing, photography, and food all together in one place. I created my blog – This Brown Kitchen – during that year and it’s been an amazing way to not just document the different phases of my life, but to also share my passion for creating recipes that blend my love of real and fresh food with the flavors I grew up with in an Indian household.

Cameron’s was actually the first brand to ever take a chance on me and partner to create content with, so obviously y’all have a special place in my heart! I’ve also loved working with brands like Oatly (which is absolutely amazing in a cup of coffee) and a brand called Convivial Production that create the most gorgeous ceramic pieces. (I actually did a little interview with them as well!)

When did you first try Cameron’s?
During my year in Minneapolis! One of the best things about the Twin Cities is the emphasis that the community puts on supporting local brands, and now when I brew some Cameron’s at home here in California, I’m taken back to Minneapolis every time.

What’s your favorite Cameron’s Coffee, and how do you like to brew it?
The Organic French Roast!! I’m obsessed with it. I love how smooth and simple it is and how I can switch things up with how I brew it. During the colder months I like a pour over, and during the summer I always have a giant mason jar of cold brew in the fridge. I never sweeten my coffee, but switch between coconut milk and almond milk to drink it with.

Where do you like to enjoy your first cup of coffee?
I’m actually not a morning coffee drinker! I opt for a mid-morning or early afternoon cup of coffee, which usually happens at my desk since I work from home. It’s like a little treat that gets me going through the back end of my work day. On the weekends I’m also super leisurely about my routine and will make up a big breakfast tray to eat from the couch (or in my bed!) with a big mug of coffee in the late morning.

What does your ideal Saturday morning look like?
Saturdays are for sleeping in! I never set an alarm on Saturday, and kind of just wake up when I want. In an ideal world, the perfect Saturday morning would include a quick walk around the neighborhood, a big tray of waffles and berries to eat in bed with my cup of coffee, some time reading whatever I have on myTBR (to be read) list at the time, and then heading out for something fun like perusing the farmers market for recipe inspiration!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a huge reader! I always have at least three books on the side table next to my bed, another two on my coffee table, and am constantly adding to my list. I’ve also recently tasked myself with learning how to make macarons, so I’ve spent a lot of my free time lately reading about techniques, coming up with flavor combos, and testing different methods. I just generally consider myself a creative person, so I always have some kind of project that I’m working on in my free time like writing, painting, drawing, you name it!

*Cameron’s edit: Suruchi loves to read so much she even started a #bookstagram! Follow along with what she’s reading by checking out The Brown Bibliophile!

All the food on your Instagram looks amazing! How did you get into cooking/baking?
I grew up in a home where food was always at the center of what we were doing, whether it was simple dishes my mom was making for dinner, the favorites from family parties we would go to, or some of the amazing desserts my dad would make. My mom’s spice cabinet is filled to the brim with the most amazing flavors and I learned so much of what I now know of cooking from her.

When I moved to Minneapolis, I realized how much I missed the dishes I grew up with and had to find a way to recreate those amazing Indian flavors on my own, and it just kept going from there! I became immersed in the creative food community and I constantly find inspiration in what other creatives are doing with ingredients, and just generally enjoy trying different recipes and experimenting with ideas. Trust me I’ve had my fair share of recipe fails, but I think that’s part of the fun! For me, cooking and baking have been a way for me to blend tradition into the recipes that fill my everyday.

What’s your favorite place to grab food or drink, when you’re not making it yourself?
That totally depends on where I am in the country and what my mood is, but here are a few favorites!