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We may ship our coffee to every corner of the United States, but we’ve got a little soft spot for our home state of Minnesota. Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite Minnesota-grown brands and sharing how they use their morning mug to stay inspired to do good.

Cameron's Coffee Morning Mug Spotlight with Natalie Marrow, Black Fashion Week MN

When you wake up every morning with a goal to be one of the top fashion weeks in the country,
you have to start it with a Jumpstart of course! Natalie Marrow, creator of Black Fashion Week
and The Twin Cities Black Film Festival, is ready to crush her goals after having her
morning mug of Cameron’s Coffee. She is always on the go – “I am a spontaneous person, and am always looking for new ways to volunteer and connect with creators who can be added to the

Marrow started both Black Fashion Week Minnesota and The Twin Cities Black Film Festival
with the anticipation to make platforms for black creators to have a space where they could
showcase their work and talent. In only three years, Marrow has grown the business platform to
thousands of followers and supporters. Spring Black Fashion Week MN had all events sold out!

Minnesota Morning Mug Spotlight with Founder of Black Fashion Week MN, Natalie Marrow enjoying a mug of Cameron's Coffee

Twin Cities Black Film Festival is just around the corner and is scheduled for October
21st through 24th. Since Natalie is starting every morning with important phone calls and connecting with creatives, she uses the boost from her morning mug to be more upbeat and attentive while working. This is only the beginning for Marrow because she’s got a list of goals to crush within the next year. Opening a black owned boutique movie theatre and also adding a celebrity fashion show to Black Fashion Week MN is what she’s hoping to see within the next year!

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