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With crisp mornings and fresh blooms, we’ve been filling our mugs with fruity, floral blends that capture the taste of the season. Check out some of our favorites below. Perfect for springtime, anytime, and all the time! 

Costa Rican Blend

Flavor Notes: Floral & Fruity

Roast Level: Medium

This mountain grown Costa Rica blend offers robust flavor that’s balanced by a hint of crisp acidity.

Organic Rainforest Blend

Flavor Notes: Crisp & Tropical

Roast Level: Medium

All the fresh and fruity flavors of the rainforest roasted to a flawless medium-light finish. And It’s Organic!

Hawaiian Blend

Flavor Notes: Bright & Tropical

Roast Level: Light

10% Hawaiian coffee and Central & South American coffees. This bright blend is a truly unique coffee with hints of chocolate and nuts.

Organic Breakfast Blend

Flavor Notes: Vibrant & Crisp

Roast Level: Light

An amazing way to start your day! Our Organic Arabica coffees from the best Central and South American coffee regions.

Woods & Water

Flavor Notes: Big & Bright

Roast Level: Light

This bright, big-bodied blend of Central American beans is a unique light roast with complex characteristics.

Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend

Flavor Notes: Sweet & Mellow

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

10% Hawaiian coffee and Central & South American coffees. Brew a cup of gold with the bright, fruity sweetness in this enticing blend of South American and Hawaiian beans.