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For many of us, coffee is our number one culinary love. But combining coffee with certain foods and flavors can make your coffee experience (dare we say it) even better. Just like wine or beer, coffee has many nuanced flavors and characteristics that can play off the food you’re eating. They’re all just a little different. (That’s why you probably have a favorite blend, and why it’s fun to try new ones once in awhile.)

During this season of feasting and entertaining, we’re taking a look at how to best pair your premium Cameron’s Coffee blends with your holiday favorites. Let’s kick it up a notch for ourselves and our guests, bringing the best out of what’s on your plate and what’s in your cup.

Organic Rainforest Blend

Medium Light Roast — Pair with Blueberry Muffins or Orange Cinnamon Rolls
FLAVOR: Fruity
BODY: Medium


This medium body blend has fruity tones that go great with these two heavenly breakfast recipes—blueberry muffins or gooey orange cinnamon rolls. The fruit in the food highlights the fruitiness of the Rainforest blend, and plus, it’s organic! Overnight guests, arise and be amazed!

Breakfast Blend

Light Roast — Pair with Scrambled Eggs or a Buttery Croissant
FLAVOR: Earthy
BODY: Medium
FINISH: Bright


Cameron’s Coffee’s light, earthy Breakfast Blend doesn’t overshadow these classic light dishes. Put these two on your plate, and the buttery quality of the eggs and croissant will balance with the brightness of the Breakfast Blend. Or try adding milk to your coffee for the tried-and-true French pairing—croissant with café au lait.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

Medium-Dark Roast — Pair with Maple Bacon or Apple Pecan Coffee Cake
BODY: Full
FINISH: Satisfying


This complex blend from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica is great paired with earthy, nutty, or spiced foods, such as our Apple Pecan Coffee Cake (with cinnamon, vanilla, and pecans), or a savory maple bacon dish. Try this recipe in which Maple Bacon is baked into crescent roll dough, which they’ve presumptuously called Maple Bacon Crack. We think Santa might be missing out with just a plate of cookies.

Toasted Southern Pecan

Flavored Light Roast — Pair with Tiramisu or Christmas Shortbread Bites
FINISH: Decadent


One of our most popular flavored blends, this light roast works beautifully with many desserts, including the decadent tiramisu recipe from our blog. Or try it alongside these easy Christmas Shortbread Bites that just beg for a hot cup of coffee. Toasted Southern Pecan is the perfect dessert coffee.

French Roast

Dark Roast — Pair with Rubbed Steak or Coffee Ice Cream
BODY: Soft


A great dark roast can support bold flavors and make your mouth sing. Pair our French Roast with Conor’s Steak Rub, which uses coffee grounds as a secret—and fabulous—ingredient. For a blissful dessert course, go hot-and-cold with Kristy’s Coffee Ice Cream. The creaminess and cold of the ice cream and rich finish of the French Roast will alternate sensations in your mouth. You’re welcome.

When it comes down to it, any coffee will work when you’re hankering for a cup, whether you’re eating a sticky bun or a plate of meat and potatoes. Just brew what suits your fancy and never settle for bitter coffee. Cameron’s Coffee is always smooth, never bitter, and we’re happy to be your choice for whatever ends up on your plate this season. Enjoy your meal and your holidays!