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Love is in the air! Well, it always is here at Cameron’s, but this month is extra special. With so much love to share, why not give a bit to yourself? Set aside some time for self-love. You deserve it!

Read a book, call a friend, workout, listen to music… make that second cup of delicious Cameron’s coffee! 

Self-love isn’t just a bunch of actions you can check off a list, though. It grows from self-compassion that has been shown to reduce anxiety and lead to a more optimistic perspective.  So take some time to slow down and appreciate YOU! 

We’re a bit biased, but we think taking time to pause for self-love pairs perfectly with a smooth cup of coffee.  Find a cozy spot and treat yourself to a little “me” time.

Try a new recipe like this affogato or coffee martini or slow things down with a pour over or French Press.

How will you practice self-love and give yourself compassion this Valentine’s Day?