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You probably know the saying, “spring ahead, fall back.” This year, we “fall back” on Sunday, November 3rd, with the end of Daylight Saving Time.

Setting the clocks back an hour means you’ll get an extra long morning, especially if you’re already an early riser. If your body clock wakes you up, it may feel like 6 am to you but will actually be 5 am. So what do you do with that extra hour? Well, we think the obvious choice is to savor your morning cup of coffee!

Extend your morning routine

Take a little extra time with your coffee. Maybe you journal, set daily intentions, go for a morning run, or just spend some time catching up on the news. Whatever the case may be, spend a little more time on it today.

Try a new brew method

Why not try your hand at a new technique? Each brew method brings out different aspects of the beans. If you normally use a drip brewer, maybe try a pour over. You might learn to love your favorite blend in a whole new way!

Sneak in an extra cup

An extra hour in the morning means more coffee time! Why not treat yourself to a second cup of Cameron’s? Who knows, maybe it’ll give you an extra boost to do something great with your day!