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As you’re probably aware, our online coffee shop has been closed for a number of weeks now. If you missed our initial announcement explaining why the shop has been closed, please visit this post to learn more.

A week before Thanksgiving we announced the re-opening of our online shop exclusively to sell our Holiday Items, and we recently added a Limited Edition Breakfast Blend 72 ct Hunter Pack to the list of items available for purchase.

Unfortunately at this time, we’re still unable to sell all of our Cameron’s Coffee varieties on our website. However, we’re happy to announce that we will be adding case pack options of our 12-count Single Serve EcoPods to the list of items we’re selling online. A case pack equates to 6 boxes of 12-count single serve, or 72 total pods. Since you’ll be buying a larger quantity at one time, we’ll be giving you 10% off the regular price.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering why we’re only able to sell some items, it’s because we’re still behind on a lot of our orders and trying to catch-up our production with our growing demand! At this time, we’re in a great place for our single serve items, but we’re still working on getting caught up on our bagged coffee orders.

We understand that many of you may be frustrated that you still can’t place an order online for your favorite ground or whole bean blend, and we get it, we’re disappointed too! But please know we are working hard behind the scenes to get back online as quickly as possible.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and we look forward to getting back online with all of our varieties as soon as we can!



  1. i have been searching for a k-CUP “APPLE PIE ” do you have this flavor

  2. Hi Brenda – Unfortunately, we don’t currently have an Apple Pie flavor. Thanks! – CC –

  3. Hello! Do you still make the vanilla hazelnut k-cups? Thanks!

  4. Hi Judy – We do still make the Vanilla Hazelnut EcoPods! Currently, we’re selling them on-line in case of 6 boxes for 10% off. Here’s the link to stock-up! Thanks – CC –

  5. Do you currently sell a decaf version of Velvet Moon or French Roast in the EcoPods? I need to limit my caffeine intake, but I love a dark roast. Thanks for brewing such delicious coffee!

  6. Hi Sabrina, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we do not make those blends in Decaf EcoPods at this time. We will keep your comment in mind for future new items! – CC –

  7. hi can you use the eco pods in the keurig coffee maker?

  8. Hi Michelle – Yes! Our EcoPods are compatible with a Keurig brewer! Cheers! – CC –

  9. I love your eco-pods. I’m transitioning from recyclable k-pods, and I’m curious about the eco-pods storage. They come with a piece of tape, and we’re instructed to reseal the bag. Is there any issue about them losing quality over time, whether they’re sealed or not?

  10. Hi Nick – There can be an issue with quality over time if you don’t seal the bags because you may be allowing air into the bag. When air hits coffee, it stales it! That’s why we add the piece of tape so you’re able to help maintain the freshness of your EcoPods. Thanks – CC –

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