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At Cameron’s, we look for the bright side in everything… including our frozen Minnesota winters! Yes, it’s cold, but we’ve got jackets and scarves and a whole lotta hot coffee! So bundle yourself up and get ready for some of our favorite winter snowtivities!


Like we said, bundle up, and then head out for a brisk winter hike! Take in the beauty of the season with a thermos full of piping hot coffee in hand.

Ice Skating

Whether for date night or family fun day, a trip to the ice skating rink is bound to be a good time. Check you local parks to find a free outdoor rink!


An excellent activity for kids of all ages! It’s fun, free, and the smile on your kiddos’ faces is totally worth that trip to the chiropractor next week.

Brewery Crawl

Our other favorite way to keep warm in the winter! Plan a brewery crawl with friends in Northeast Minneapolis where there’s some great, walkable breweries to enjoy.

Help Shovel

Pay it forward by shoveling a few extra driveways after a fresh snowfall. This random act of kindness is sure to make anyone’s day!