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This St. Patrick’s Day, a quarter of Americans will celebrate by going out to eat. For the rest of us, here are a few menu items to make your own St Patrick’s Day feast along with a few interesting tidbits to keep you entertained while you dine.

Irish Coffee

Thanks to the Irish, we have the perfect St. Patrick’s Day drink. An Irish chef first came up with the idea when a few shivering American tourists stepped into his restaurant, their arms crossed and their teeth chattering.


The chef needed to warm them up quick. Naturally coffee was the first thing that came to mind, but these tourists were cold and upset. To warm their spirits along with their bones, he added sugar, whipped cream and Irish whiskey. The tourists took it with trembling hands, downed the liquid and sang their praises of the delightful drink. And Irish Coffee was born!

In case you find yourself caught in the cold this St. Patty’s day, Cameron’s Coffee put together a recipe to warm your body and soul. Crafted by our roastmaster, we’re certain you’ll enjoy the few extra ingredients suggested.

Green Beer

Unlike Irish Coffee, Americans invented green beer. Nobody knows what inspired St. Patrick’s Day enthusiasts to dump green food coloring into their beers, but some think it came from an Irish tradition of placing a three leaf clover in a glass of beer for luck.


Since its invention, green beer has become a permanent St. Patty’s Day fixture, and like Irish Coffee, it’s easy to make. Just add eight drops of green food coloring per 12 fluid ounces of your favorite beer.

Corned Beef

Surprisingly the ingredients for this Irish entree don’t include corn. The term “corned” actually refers to the curing beef. Long ago, the Irish used stones of salt, known as “corns,” to keep the meat fresh. In its early days, corned beef was a delicacy meant only for the wealthy. Now pretty much anyone can enjoy it. Try this recipe for some corned beef and cabbage to go with your Irish coffee and beer.


Luck of the Irish

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