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The month of August may mean the end of summer is nearing, but it also means it’s time for the fair! Many states hold their fairs this month, and here in Minnesota the State Fair runs August 23rd through Labor Day, September 3rd.

Whether you show up for the rides, food, exhibits, or animals, the fair has something for everyone. Where else can you see a traveling reptile show, hop on a ferris wheel, meet a minutes old calf, learn about your state’s history, eat your weight in food on a stick, and take in a concert all in one place? A few states even feature butter sculpting, including our home state of Minnesota.

Every fairgoer has their can’t miss attraction, and we think a great way to fuel your day at the fair is to start with a mug of Cameron’s Coffee. Sip on your favorite blend at home while plotting out your day at the fair, or fill a travel tumbler for the car or bus ride to the big event!

And however you decide to spend your day at your fair, enjoy!

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