Cameron's Coffee Virtual Coffee Growing Region Tour in Medellin, Colombia

Step inside a virtual coffee tour in Medellin

You LOVE coffee as part of your day-brightening routine, but have you ever seen what a coffee growing region actually looks like? Keep reading for your very own virtual coffee tour.

Cameron's Coffee Virtual Coffee Tour in Medellin, Colombia

A couple months ago we told you about the various ways we support farms and farming families as a part of our overall sustainability promise. One of those ways is granting access to a new community wet mill in Colombia built to reduce water consumption and increase efficiency. Because of this increased efficiency, farmers take less time to process their coffee and can get back to their homes faster, giving them a better life balance.

Sit back and enjoy a virtual coffee tour of a region in Colombia near Medellin, the country’s second largest city, that uses this new community wet mill to process their coffee. Notice the lush, mountainous landscapes and get a close-up view of the coffee bean before it’s processed!

While you watch, imagine a fresh cup of Colombian coffee ready to sip in your favorite mug. Colombian coffee is known for being well-rounded and balanced. They tend to be fruity, floral, have a medium acidity, with a buttery/milky body. Enjoy!

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